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  • July 30th, 2021

A massive influx of voters, the landing in Ecuador, a community consultation, a successful security report and a new website are the milestones.

A massive influx of voters, the landing in Ecuador, a community consultation, a successful security report and a new website are the milestones.

EVoting had many milestones during July, and the most important one is of an institutional nature: the surpassing of 2 million votes received. “It is a milestone that confirms what we are most proud of: the trust of people and our clients,” said Tomás Barros, EVoting general manager.

This number is the result of the growth shown in participation numbers, processes and clients of the company since the beginning of 2020. For example, during July, there were 55 votes and in the same month in 2020, there were 31.

The milestone coincided with the launch of the new website, www.evoting.com, which provides details of EVoting’s new features, such as participation platforms, security measures, and support service. “The transition from a local to a global company is a challenge that is not only related to the diversification and complexity of the services offered, but also to the way in which we relate to the rest of the world”, explained Rossana Dresdner, Corporate Affairs Manager of #EVoting. Read here.

Security first and foremost Security is one of the issues #EVoting is most concerned about. This is not only demonstrated in the contents of the new comprehensive security website, but also in various measures that are implemented on an ongoing basis. One of them is the annual check of its security systems - ethical hacking - the last of which took place between March and April, and whose final report, which was delivered in mid-July, certifies that the vulnerabilities are fully mitigated. Read here.

Ecuador among the new countries with #EVoting presence With a historic participation of 79% of the student roll, the University of Cuenca debuted on July 23 with electronic voting in the elections of CO-Government University and Student Council.

The dean of the School of Engineering and president of the Electoral Tribunal, Ciro Larco, said that the incorporation of electronic voting marked “a historic milestone, with the aim of seeking the participation of all students, in addition to taking care of their health and guaranteeing democracy”. Read here.

Return to face-to-face classes? This question was asked by many municipalities with the advance of the Step by Step Plan implemented by the Government. The Municipality of La Reina decided to make this decision in a participatory way, through the consultation “Back to On-Site School 2021”, where neighbors and parents could vote on the www.lareinaparticipa.cl platform.

“Participation is part of the essence of La Reina and one of the key axes of the Municipality”, stated Mayor José Manuel Palacio, whose administration has already involved five previous online citizen participation processes. Check here.

We cannot end this entry without mentioning that the Bicentennial of Perú was celebrated in July, a country where #EVoting already counts with more than 20 clients. VIDEO.