In EVoting we have made a special effort to provide assurance and security to our clients and voters in all the stages that make up an electronic voting or electronic assembly.

With state-of-the-art technology and experience, and with the development of our own voting software, our platforms and methodologies guarantee security, correct data handling, availability, among others.

Our platforms consider 5 fundamental aspects for security:


We have developed our own voting software, which allows us to update, improve and adapt our security measures to the demands that may arise.

The use of asymmetric cryptography allows us to add up the individual votes without the need to open them individually, thus preventing the option marked on each one from being known.


Authentication seeks to corroborate and ensure that the person voting is who he or she says he or she is. At EVoting, we offer a balance between secure authentication mechanisms and a friendly voting system.


EVoting processes are governed by standardized procedures, which are guided by the principles of transparency, security, fairness and flexibility.

Our electronic voting processes are developed around 4 fundamental moments:

  • 1. Constitution of the Electoral Commission
  • 2. Generation of Cryptographic Keys
  • 3. Voter registration and voting process
  • 4. Counting and publication of results


The privacy of our clients' data is an uncompromising value. That is why EVoting's Privacy and Data Protection Policy is based on our principles and on the regulations in force. This policy is structured around 9 axes:

  • 1. Information provided by customers prior to voting
  • 2. Information provided by users during the voting process
  • 3. Data usage
  • 4. Data safekeeping
  • 5. Data retention
  • 6. Deletion of information
  • 7. Legal rights regarding personal data protection
  • 8. Dispute resolution
  • 9. Changes to this privacy policy


There are many circumstances that could eventually jeopardize the effectiveness of the services we provide. That is why we have paid special attention to prevent them and, if they occur, to neutralize them. Our IT security measures are organized in 6 areas:

  • Academic backup
  • Technical equipment
  • Monitoring
  • Limited access from IPs
  • Anti-hacking protection measures
  • Annual ethical hacking test by security experts


EVoting has attained endorsements that certify the seriousness of its services, as well as the authorizations to carry out electronic voting with organizations whose electoral processes are regulated by law. These documents attest to the quality, requirements, characteristics, and/or demands that EVoting exhibits as a company.

  • Ethical Hacking Report by Dreamlab Technologies consulting firm.
  • Authorization of the Chilean Labor Directorate (I)
  • Authorization of the Chilean Labor Directorate (II)
  • Certificates of "Reliable Supplier”
  • Certificate of Ethical Hacking by Hackmetrix