This is EVoting


To strengthen the election of representatives, citizen participation and collective decision-making in organizations and territories, providing technological tools that facilitate individual participation and guarantee transparency, voting secrecy and the integrity of the final collective result.


We believe in Democracy

In EVoting we deeply believe in Democracy, a system of decision-making where the majorities rule through a free and secret vote.

We are honest

We know the value of what we offer and also its limitations; we do not make it up or magnify it. We proactively recognize our mistakes before they are pointed out to us, doing everything in our power to rectify them. We ensure transparency, and guarantee it through our processes. We assure voters of the integrity of their vote.

We are committed

We know that each process is extremely important to our clients and we assume each of these processes with the same dedication and commitment. We care about giving everyone equal access to participate and vote, on a permanent basis. We are diligent and strict in following our protocols, always seeking the perfection of the process.

We put technology at the service of people

We are aware that electronic participation is not only related to technology, but also and to a great extent to human and cultural aspects. That is why we strive to expand access to these tools by training, assisting and facilitating the approach to them.

We are supportive

We understand that knowledge is not exclusive and we share it; we believe that each member of our team can enrich the rest with his or her knowledge and that it is the collective know-how that gives EVoting its strength and makes it unique. In the same way, we share knowledge and methodologies with our clients, enriching the use of our technologies.