Our greatest assets are those who have participated with our platforms. We have received more than 2.900.000 votes, in 2914 processes, neighbors in 81 boroughs; workers from 958 organizations, academics and students from 22 universities, partners and shareholders from 890 companies and institutions. Health, financial and mining sector workers; businesspeople and shareholders; organizations of fair workers, academics, kindergarten educators, teachers, doctors, students, engineers; soccer, volleyball players, surfers, athlete associations; port workers, commerce, retail, the judiciary system, AFP, insurance companies, forestry, pilots, public accountants, firefighters, fair workers, judges, non-profit foundations, public employees, and the media have voted with us.

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University campuses have only been incorporated relatively recently, but decisively, in the exercise of electronic democracy. 18 Chilean universities, 2 in Costa Rica, 1 in Ecuador and 1 in Peru, have used the EUniversidades platform for their internal definitions, adding up to a total of 376 electoral processes.

Universidad Alberto Hurtado

Universidad de Chile

Universidad de Cuenca

Universidad de Costa Rica

Universidad de Santiago de Chile

Universidad de Concepción


Universidad Austral de Chile

Universidad Católica de la Santísima Concepción - UCSC

Universidad de Atacama

Universidad Católica del Norte

Universidad de Valparaíso

Universidad del Desarrollo

Universidad Metropolitana de Ciencias de la Educacion

Universidad Técnica Federico Santa María

Universidad Andrés Bello

Universidad Mayor

Universidad Central

Tecnológico de Costa Rica Tribunal Institucional Electoral

Universidad Tecnológica Metropolitana