“EVoting cares about safety and performs all necessary tests“

Written by EVoting Communications / 18 de Noviembre del 2022

EVoting underwent a cybersecurity audit with the company Hackmetrix, which revealed the low risks of its platforms in this area.

In order to ensure the security of customers in their democratic processes, EVoting underwent an ethical hacking that evidenced the high cybersecurity standards maintained by the company.

What is ethical hacking?

In the words of Francisco Canteli, Team Leader of Hackmetrix, ethical hacking is when “an ethical hacker, a person dedicated to perform offensive tests against a platform, performs an intrusion test during a period of time, where they try to see if they can find or detect vulnerabilities in the system”.

In that audit, EVoting stood out as a company with high cybersecurity standards and, according to the report delivered, the overall technical risk of its platforms is “nil”.

“It’s not common. It’s a very rare thing that they manage to come out with low or zero risk. A lot of findings are usually at least high or critical,” Canteli explained when asked about the results obtained by EVoting’s platforms.

He also mentioned that in companies dedicated to electronic democracy it is “critical” to take care of cybersecurity in order to prevent attacks against it, and that EVoting is very well prepared in this matter.

This is due to the company’s constant concern for carrying out this type of process periodically, preventing and updating itself about possible threats.

The Hackmetrix report adds to the one delivered by Dreamlab Technologies in 2021, which also certifies that the vulnerabilities of EVoting’s platforms were mitigated.