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  • October 24th, 2022

Operations Manager pointed out that the company has been able to face difficulties and opportunities in terms of innovation and growth.

EVoting held a special celebration in the last week of October. The company surpassed the iconic figure of one thousand clients.

Felipe Lorca, Operations Manager, does not hide his satisfaction: “We have come a long way and not without difficulties, but we have been able not only to face them, but also to see the opportunities they bring in terms of innovation and growth”.

Indeed, in its almost 9 years of existence, the company has diversified the range of segments with which it works. In the early years they were almost exclusively labor clients: unions, federations, confederations,” explains Lorca. But as the market became convinced of the advantages of electronic voting, we expanded the service to other areas, such as professional associations, universities and the private sector,” he adds.

An important turning point came as a result of the pandemic, when major companies found it impossible to hold their shareholders’ meetings in person and had to look for an electronic and remote alternative. “As a company, the pandemic forced us to expand services in response to growing demand, and also to seek solutions for market needs that did not exist before,” explains Lorca. Thus, in addition to the electronic voting service, the service for meetings and assemblies was added.

The result? The portfolio of clients has now exceeded one thousand.