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  • September 12th, 2022

Meetings with companies, meetings with clients and conversations with representatives of the legal and academic world were some of the highlights of EVoting's successful visit to the Mexican capital.

The first time Tomás Barros, EVoting’s General Manager, visited Mexico was in 2019. It was the destination the company had chosen to start its internationalization process, which was partially interrupted by the pandemic. Today, 3 years later, Barros returned to the Mexican capital, but now to visit his clients, several of whom are already working for the second consecutive year with the company.

“It is a totally different situation,” he says, “not only because we already have several clients and a permanent representative of EVoting in Mexico, but also because the country has undergone a process of changes in its democracy, which have even led it to implement electronic voting for its citizens abroad”.

The purpose of the visit to Mexico City last week was not only to consolidate the relationship with clients that until now he had only known remotely, but also to explore new business possibilities, alliances for future expansion and legal advice. “The latter has to do with certifying that our platforms ensure the secrecy of the vote, transparency and all the requirements of a democratic voting system, requirements that are very strict in North American markets,” said Barros.

In this context, he added that they are evaluating the possibility of holding a seminar on electronic voting from a legal and juridical point of view in Mexico, given that in several meetings there was interest in learning more about the company’s experience in massive municipal consultations and internal processes of institutions regulated by law. “Mexico is a country with many opportunities for us,” concluded Barros.

The executive added that EVoting’s decision is “to bet on the business world in the first instance, although we are also very attentive to the innovations and advances that the Mexican State is making in terms of electronic democracy”. For Enrique Rojas, EVoting’s Key Account Manager in Mexico, the visit was very successful. “The presence of our general manager in the field made a difference with our clients, because although we maintain a permanent contact, this ratifies the importance we give to the relationship with them”.

To contact EVoting in Mexico: erojas@evoting.com