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  • August 1st, 2022

A month marked by the historic election of the Rector of the University of Santiago de Chile, the third campus to define its highest authority with our platform. In July there was also a 136% increase in the number of votes received.

An election that requires taking care of the culture of an emblematic institution for the country”. This is how Felipe Lorca, EVoting’s Operations Manager, referred to the challenge and responsibility that in his opinion implied taking charge of the election of the Rector of the University of Santiago de Chile.

In mid-July, USACH elected Professor Rodrigo Vidal as its new Rector for the period 2022-2026, using the EVoting electronic platform. The campus joins the universities of Concepción (UdeC) and Metropolitan University of Education Sciences (UMCE), which also defined their highest authority with the company.

Ángel Jara, Secretary General of the University and President of the Electoral Board, valued the very high participation of 91.2% and pointed out that the experience “greatly facilitates the participation of academics”.

“It has been an impeccable process”

The new rector of the University of Santiago de Chile, Rodrigo Vidal, pointed out that “we have had a lot of confidence in the work that EVoting has developed; it has been an impeccable process”.

The new university authority declared himself a “supporter and convinced that information and communications technologies, and all the technologies derived from them, must be incorporated for the good of the development of our society”. In this context, he valued the electronic participation platforms “for the better functioning of our organization, of society in general and, above all, at the service of the people”.

Mexico: the importance of formality and security in the processes

Mexico is experiencing a change in the way citizens participate in electoral events in their country. So says Enrique Rojas, Key Account Manager of EVoting.

In this modernization of elections, Rojas sees an opportunity for electronic voting. This appreciation is also based on EVoting’s experience with more than a dozen processes in Mexico: “our clients value the security, transparency and support of our service. They tell us that they feel confident that their voting is transparent, uncomplicated and fast. I believe that this is the most important thing: that we give formality and seriousness to their processes, and assurance to the members that what they are voting for, they are voting well”.

A 136% increase in the number of votes received

Another characteristic of July was the increase in votes received, which more than doubled compared to the previous month. Thus, this month we received 16,691 votes, which adds up to a total of 2,507,868 votes received by EVoting in its trajectory. We are very proud.

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