Written by EVoting Communications / 17 de Agosto del 2021

Our company is among the 43 winning technology firms of the GoGlobal 2o21 program, an initiative promoted by CORFO and ProChile.

The latest version of the GoGlobal internationalization program, hosted by Corfo and ProChile, selected 43 high-impact technology startups to help them on their path of expansion to large markets and potential customers and investors in the United States, Mexico, Colombia and Perú.

EVoting was one of the selected startups, and will receive support to approach businesses in Miami, United States. “It is a tremendous opportunity to continue our global growth. The United States is an interesting and at the same time very challenging market. Electronic voting has a long tradition in that country, so it seems natural for us to expand on the work and technology that we have been perfecting during the last 7 years”, says Tomás Barros, General Manager of EVoting.

The selection is coherent with the role that EVoting’s services provides (elections and remote electronic assemblies) and the importance they have gained during the COVID sanitary crisis, allowing public and private institutions to continue making decisions while respecting quarantine sanitary conditions. “This is a concrete step towards the growth and projection of these companies, which during the pandemic have demonstrated that their development can provide solutions with global reach,” stated Jorge O’Ryan, ProChile’s General Director.

In August 2021, the selected companies will participate in a pre-internationalization process, with training on legal and tax issues, industry trends, commercial strategy in each market, among others. Subsequently, they will continue with an introduction process in September.