Written by Laura González / 24 de Octubre del 2023

At EVoting, innovation does not stop and, with the aim of continuing to improve the service for its customers, the company has developed and perfected a series of new features in the EHolders and EAssemblies platforms.

With more than 700 meetings and assemblies held, a portfolio of 162 clients and based on the experience gained over the years, EVoting has perfected and innovated its processes to improve the experience of participants with the EHolders and EAssemblies platforms. Among the highlights, we can mention:

Integration of Zoom to the platform, allowing participants to manage their vote from the same page where the videoconference is located, thus facilitating the decision-making process of the event. It should be noted that the use of the two platforms is maintained simultaneously when the participant uses a mobile device.

Incorporation of the audiovisual service, with specialized equipment depending on the needs of the event, but always taking into account the most optimal conditions for the participant to get the best experience, both in person and remotely, allowing everyone to interact in real time. “Being responsible for the entire event, it has provided convenience to the client by having a single provider to have the audiovisual part and the voting platform,” says Maria Jose Rojas, Project Analyst at EVoting.

As a result of the experience and feedback provided by clients, new services were developed to provide greater support in the processes required prior to a meeting or assembly, such as the receipt of proxies and the registration of voting instructions. These implementations have been used with clients such as the SURA S.A. General Fund Administrator, the Chilean Police Force Cooperative and the BTC Workers Corporation of Safety Cooperative CChC, who had a need to use an electronic platform to improve the collection of proxy instructions.

These innovations are always accompanied by the characteristic accompaniment of the EVoting team, from the beginning to the end of the process, and adaptability to the needs of each client, as well as technical support during the development of the activity.

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