Written by EVoting Communications / 18 de Octubre del 2023

With a recent and successful assembly for the Spanish Federation of Associations of Amigos del Camino de Santiago (FEAACS), EVoting adds experiences in ten countries. After the process, the president of the organization highlighted the service provided.

Jorge Martínez, president of FEAACS, talked to EVoting and referred to the recent process carried out with the company’s platform. In addition, this instance is framed in the arrival of the company to 10 countries and its first experience in Europe.


The Spanish Federation of Associations of Amigos del Camino de Santiago, which has more than 50 associations in Europe and which makes it one of the largest organizations in this field, held its General Assembly together with EVoting and its president, Jorge Martinez, referred to the experience with the company.

What did you think of the first process with EVoting?

From a technical point of view, it was perfect. I think the work you do is perfect, great support, clear recommendations, it was maintained at all times. It was a very interesting experience, your work was very professional and I am happy with the result of the work we did with you.

How did you come to EVoting?

It is the first time we have used a platform of these characteristics and we arrived through the Internet. Searching, we saw several alternatives and from all of them we found yours to be the most serious and consistent platform.

What would you highlight about the service provided?

We had never done it with a professional platform and, above all, we had never used a functionality that is key for us, and that is the possibility of having qualified votes, different voting weight for each of the voters; and we saw that your platform was very clear, very solid.

The truth is that the result was perfect; we voted 100%, which was the objective, no vote was lost, so, in that sense, the result was perfect.

What message would you give to other organizations that are hesitant to choose a platform?

The message I would give to other institutions that need to use these types of tools is to lose their fear and have full confidence that they work.


With the assembly held at FEAACS, the company EVoting gained experience in 10 countries and carried out its first process in Europe.

In 10 years of history, EVoting technology has been present in Argentina, Chile, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Spain, Guatemala, Mexico, Panama, Peru and Uruguay.

Universities, municipalities, companies, unions, sports clubs, among other organizations, have dared to carry out their processes with the various platforms of the leading company in electronic democracy.