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  • June 6th, 2022

More than 56,000 people participating in citizen consultations with EVoting during May confirm, as the Voting Manager said, that “citizen participation needs concrete solutions and simple processes“. In global terms, the month ended with 96 processes in 3 countries, more than 72,000 votes, and 14 new clients.

“Concrete solutions and simple processes”, this is how Felipe Lorca, Voting Manager of EVoting, summarizes the EParticipation platform, which during May was used by 56,643 citizens in Chile, a phenomenon that was described by the Regional Governor of Biobío, Rodrigo Díaz, as “a cry of the people”. Intense and dynamic processes marked the fifth month of the year.

Biobío Consultation: “A new way of governing, with the citizens”

“We want to lead this cry of the people of the Biobío Region. For the Regional Government this is a mandate, it binds us”. This is how the Regional Governor of Biobío Rodrigo Díaz referred to the results of the unprecedented citizen consultation #DecideBiobío, in which 54 thousand 739 inhabitants of 13 communes of the Region participated.

Rodolfo Álvarez, EVoting’s Assistant Voting Manager, highlighted the consolidation of participation “as a new way of governing, with the citizens, which requires secure, transparent and reliable platforms”. The results of the consultation will be presented to the Minister of Transportation, Juan Carlos Muñoz, on Thursday, June 9.

In Collipulli, citizens also vote

A total of 1904 people participated in Collipulli’s first citizen consultation on the reorganization of the town center. Organized by the Municipality, the initiative surveyed the preferences of the neighbors on measures to optimize circulation in the center of the commune, and to improve municipal action in this matter.

EParticipation: the citizen platform with more than 1.5 million votes

Almost 70 local democratic processes, more than 1,600,000 votes gathered, in 20% of the communes of Chile has the citizen participation platform created by EVoting, EParticipation. The system has been highlighted by numerous local authorities, such as Luciano Rivas, Governor of the Araucanía Region; Rodrigo Díaz, Regional Governor of Biobío; Germán Codina, Mayor of Puente Alto, the most populous commune in Chile, among more than 50 other mayors.

Lorca explains that EParticipation “is not only a technological platform, but also a responsible and efficient accompaniment, which guarantees a successful participation”.

However, concrete solutions and simple processes were also valued in other areas, such as the election of the members of the new Institutional Gender and Diversity Commission of the University of Santiago de Chile and the election of the Rector of the University of Concepción.

Special mention should be made of the more than 50 Assemblies of Contributors, carried out by EVoting with its EHolders platform.

New Institutional Gender and Diversity Commission at Usach

“As a university, we believe that the EVoting system is reliable and transparent, something that we have already experienced in previous election processes,” said the Director of Gender, Diversity and Equity of the Usach, Karin Baeza, evaluating the election process of the members of the new Gender and Diversity Commission, with which the campus is committed to eradicate inequalities, discrimination and gender violence.

“An example of participation, objectivity and projection”

The last election of Rector 2022-2026 of the Universidad de Concepción, had an unprecedented component: for the first time, it included the possibility of voting electronically.

Manuel Barría, Director of the Department of Private Law, and highest authority of the election tribunal of that process, highlighted the complexity they faced and the positive results: “We gave an example of participation, objectivity and projection so that the next votes can be carried out through an electronic platform”.

UdeC has 88 election processes with EVoting, including the election of the Rector.

Record number of contributors’ assemblies in May

27 assemblies of contributors in 5 days marked one of EVoting’s milestones in May. This is a month where this type of process traditionally takes place and where, for the third consecutive year, the company had great demand for its EHolders platform: a total of 51 of these processes took place in May.

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