October 2021: Voting record of 2021

  • Written by EVoting Communications
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  • November 2nd, 2021

The votings of the month highlight the strong presence of the labor market and emblematic processes such as the meeting of partners of Capel and the Basketball Federation’s elections.

The month with the most electronic votings so far this year. That is how October ended, with a total of more than 63 processes. It is also the second month with the most electronic votings in Evoting’s history. The numbers also highlight the votings in the labor area (unions, officials associations, federations and confederations, professional bodies). “With the ending of the state of emergency, Chilean unions can resume their directive and representative elections, which were suspended temporarily by the pandemic”, explained Felipe Lorca, Electronic Voting Manager. He added that Evoting has an extensive experience in the area, which was reflected in October: ”62% of the month’s votings correspond to organizations of the labor area”, he said. He emphasized the campaign that the company deployed towards the unions.

Unprecedented Partners’ meeting of Capel in the north of Chile

Another remarkable event in October was the unprecedented General Partners’ Meeting of the Cooperativa Agricola Pisquera Elqui Limitada (CAPEL), conducted through an electronic face-to-face assembly in the Vallenar, Vicuña, Ovalle and Salamanca communes, where the new board was elected through electronic voting. The president of the board, Arturo Jiménez Soto, said that this modality “is here to stay. Everyone voted and the entire process was facilitated: the accreditation, the voting and the vote count”.

Remote electronic basketball

Furthermore, in October, the Chilean Basketball Federation’s new board election was conducted for the period 2021-2025. The new president of FebaChile emphasized Evoting’s professionalism, in a process that was done for the first time with remote electronic voting, and had a participation of 27 out of 30 associations and 90% of those registered to vote.